Deepening union engagement

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Educators for Excellence supports the rights of educators to freely associate, organize, and collectively bargain, while also championing innovative changes that support teachers and their students. With more than 80 percent of E4E members belonging to their union and many serving as elected union leaders, we support union efforts that will foster an equitable and excellent education system that provides all students the opportunity to succeed and elevates the teaching profession.

Unions are powerful levers for change, and so we encourage our members to become more engaged within their unions. In many cities, fewer than 20 percent of teachers vote in their union elections, yet more than 43 percent of teachers want their unions to increase their focus on improving teacher quality and student achievement. We encourage teachers to participate in their unions by going to meetings, voting, and running for leadership positions to ensure that their voices are represented.

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Chalk Talk: Tianitha Alston

Monday, April 1, 2019

New York

Deepening union engagement

Had second-grade teacher Tianitha Alston never taught in a school with a strong union leader, she might never have realized the tremendous and powerful role unions can play in our education system....