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National Teacher Leader Council

Educators For Excellence National Teacher Leader Council

Educators for Excellence’s National Teacher Leader Council (NTLC) a two-year cohort made up of outstanding teacher leaders from across our six chapters. The NTLC members leverage their classroom experience to inform a broad swath of E4E’s policy and organizing work, including the National Policy Agenda, our national teacher survey Voices from the Classroom, and national advocacy campaigns.

Cory Cain, High School Teacher,  E4E-Chi
Winnie Williams-Hall, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-Chi
Arthur Everett, High School Teacher, E4E-NY
Nazila Ramjan, High School Teacher, E4E-NY
Caroline Dowd, Early Childhood Teacher, E4E-CT
Jaseen Pickett, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-CT
Lisa Finch, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-CT
Richard de Meij, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-CT
Misti Kemmer, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-LA
Becky Trammell, Middle School Teacher, E4E-LA
Susan Providence, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-MN
Daniel Gannon, High School Teacher, E4E-NY
Eli Levine, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-NY
Michael Simmon, Middle School Teacher, E4E-NY
Valerie Green-Thomas, Middle School Teacher, E4E-NY
Genelle Faulkner, High School Teacher, E4E-BOS
Jennifer López, Elementary School Teacher, E4E-LA
Carlotta Pope, High School Teacher, E4E-NY
Joseph Tadros, High School Teacher, E4E-NY