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Our Donors

Educators for Excellence is proud to receive financial support from a diverse base of nonprofit, corporate, and family foundations as well as individual donors, including teachers and community members, who believe in the power of teacher-led change. To encourage our broad base of support, we aim for no single foundation or donor to contribute more than 10 percent of our projected annual operating budget. Funding for our organization is invested in opportunities and resources for teachers to:

  • Stay informed about education policy and research,
  • Expand their leadership skills within and outside of their classroom,
  • Connect with like-minded colleagues and key education decision-makers, and
  • Take action by developing policy recommendations and advocating for change.

Our donors recognize that empowered educators need to lead the dialogue about improving our education system in order for transformational change to happen in ways that benefit public schools and students. Hence, our donors invest in E4E’s organizational model, where current classroom teachers decide and drive our policy positions and advocacy.

Donate today

We invite you to join our community of donors by making a contribution today. All tax-deductible donations, either as one-time gifts or regular contributions, meaningfully support our work.

Why some of our donors support E4E:

Educators have the most significant influence on a child’s learning

Vanessa Kirsch, Founder and CEO, New Profit

The best ideas come from the people working in our schools and communities

Elmer G. Roldan, Director of Education Programs and Policy, United Way of Greater Los Angeles

FY 2023 Donors

View those who supported E4E’s organizational growth in Fiscal Year 2023.

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