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Building a Movement

We believe that teacher-driven change is critical to strengthening our education system.

Educators are often asked only to implement education policy, rather than encouraged to leverage their expertise and experience to create and improve education policy. The teachers are also isolated in their classrooms, not realizing how many other educators are confronting the same frustrations and challenges, which limits the opportunities for collaborative problem solving.

This is why we organize teachers locally. When teachers have the opportunity to step outside their classrooms, to engage with other educators and key decision-makers from across their district and state, they can identify common obstacles to success and work together to develop innovative solutions to meet their students’ needs and elevate their profession.

The result is a community where educators are coming together to identify issues that impact our schools, creating solutions to these challenges, and advocating for policies and programs that give all students access to a quality education.

We know, as an organization that started with a handful of teachers and has become into a national movement, that a relatively small group of people advocating for change can grow to a critical mass. Positive change is catalyzed — not just by the increasing number of teachers advocating for their students and their profession — but also by the community of students, parents, administrators, philanthropists, and legislators that has come together to support their efforts.

Building a movement is just one of the ways E4E members are improving outcomes for students and elevating the teaching profession. Learn more about how we identify and train teacher leaders within that broader movement to take on key positions of influence in their schools, districts, states, and perhaps most importantly, within their teachers unions.

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