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Teacher-led Advocacy

Through local, state, and national advocacy campaigns, members of Educators for Excellence turn their policy ideas into action.

Upon the release of each policy paper, E4E members analyze the policy, political, and public awareness landscapes and develop strategies and tactics to advocate for their recommendations. 

Get involved today with current E4E campaigns and take action! 

Through these advocacy campaigns, teachers’ voices have shaped new legislation, district policies, budgets, teachers’ contracts, and union resolutions. To date, members have engaged key decision-makers, such as legislators and district officials, through more than 1,100 teacher advocacy meetings and policy panel events. Further, teachers have reached a broader audience through nearly 1,000 news stories, including teacher-written op-eds and letters to the editor, interviews with reporters, and press conferences.

Advocating for change at the school, union, district, state, and national levels is just one of the ways E4E members are improving outcomes for students and elevating the quality and prestige of the teaching profession. Learn more about our theory of change

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