Teacher Appreciation Month

May 9th is National Teacher Appreciation Day, but a single day to celebrate teachers is definitely not enough. That’s why, each May, Educators for Excellence celebrates Teacher Appreciation MONTH

E4E’s mission is to honor our teachers by ensuring that decision-makers listen to educator voices and use their classroom experience to inform policy. And while we know that teachers deserve so much more (increased pay, better professional development, meaningful career pathways, and social-emotional support to name a few), we want to dedicate the entire month of May to highlighting the extraordinary educators in your communities!

But we need your help! We want to hear which teachers have inspired you this school year—so submit your nomination here, and let us know who in your community has served as an activist and fought against the inequities affecting students and educators

Once you nominate your teacher activist, you and that teacher will be entered into a raffle for a $100 gift card (of your choice!) where a winner will be chosen throughout the month of May!