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Teacher Appreciation Month

May 7th, 2024 may be National Teacher Appreciation Day, but we believe we need more than one day to celebrate our educators. That’s why, each May, Educators for Excellence celebrates Teacher Appreciation MONTH

E4E’s mission is to honor educators by ensuring decision-makers listen to their voices and use their classroom experience to inform policy. While we know that teachers deserve so much more (increased pay, better professional development, meaningful career pathways, and social-emotional support, to name a few), we want to dedicate the entire month of May to highlighting the extraordinary educators in your communities!

Behind every accomplishment is an educator who helped to guide that individual in the past. Unfortunately, despite the heroic efforts of our educators in driving student success, we face a teaching profession that is in crisis and in urgent need of reimagination.  

Let’s use the month of May to uplift educators. We want to hear which educator has inspired you this school year or in your past and recognize the mark they’ve made. You can celebrate them using the form below to send an educator some love. We’ll post some of these notes on our social media feeds so the world can see that teachers make a difference, and we appreciate them for that!

    Thank An Educator