October 23, 2019

For CPS, finite resources mean tough choices

Read the entire op-ed by E4E-Chicago member Shayna Boyd on Crain’s Chicago Business.

I remember what it was like teaching in Chicago Public Schools in 2016, when the district was broke and took out hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term high-interest loans to accommodate some of the financial strain. Even with loans, schools still saw massive cuts. At my South Side school, we lost deans, security staff, and after-school programming. The one gain: massive debt.
On the other hand, since the state passed the new education funding formula and we increased taxes, our district has received more dollars, getting us closer to closing the equity gap. While it’s wonderful that CPS has more funding, I am worried. Will we use these additional resources wisely and equitably, making sure our students with the most need receive the most resources? Will we overspend and risk going back to the days of budget cuts if we experience another recession?

To read the coplete op-ed, visit Crain’s Chicago Business.