Educators have the most significant influence on a child’s learning

Vanessa Kirsch

Founder and CEO, New Profit

Vanessa KirschWe believe in investing in educators because educators have the most significant influence on a child’s learning. Equipping teachers with the tools they need to succeed to optimize a child’s learning is critical to the future of education in our country.

We are inspired by Educators for Excellence because it shares an authentic voice, which can create a powerful movement of change in education. E4E is led by teachers and serves an important mission for both teachers and students across America.

Our support of E4E aids in ensuring its operational health and growth across the country. We provide E4E with additional strategic advisory support through New Profit staff in collaboration with Deloitte. Having worked with many growing nonprofits, we act as a thought partner with E4E to help them create a strong organization with a strong infrastructure.

We provide additional support to E4E and other nonprofits by providing research and information on emerging education advocacy efforts and trends, which we offer through America Forward – New Profit’s policy arm. A key initiative New Profit leads is a series of convenings called Reimagine School Systems, where educators, practitioners, researchers, and other cross-sector partners collaborate on ideas to transform the way school systems work and identify successful school strategies to scale across the country.

Something most people don’t know about me is that I traveled around the world for a year before starting New Profit to learn from incredible social entrepreneurs; along the way, I had the great privilege to meet Mother Teresa in India.

A teacher who had a great impact on me was Ms. Fauth. She found a way to turn on my light, which had been fading year after year because of my struggles with dyslexia and my experience being teased about being a slow reader.