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Voices from the Classroom 2023: A Survey of America’s Educators

Voices from the Classroom 2023 explores teachers’ perceptions about the goals of K-12 education and how we should go about measuring its success; the content they are required to teach and the materials and guidance they are provided to deliver it; and their own profession, the union contracts that generally guide it, and what change is needed to make their job more viable.

Demand Equitable School Board Districts

Sign this petition, and demand our state legislators adopt IAAFER’s proposed 10 district map. Our school board should accurately reflect the whole CPS population, and enable EVERYONE to have a voice.

Tell Your Governor: These are Teachers’ Policy Priorities

Send a message to your Governor at the start of this school year to share educators’ policy priorities, and demand that we reimagine the way schools operate by designing dynamic, sustainable teacher roles that better serve all students, particularly our most vulnerable.

Demand High-Quality Math Curricula!

Call on New York City leadership to build off of the success of NYC Reads by making bold investments in high-quality curricula and professional learning for mathematics.