March 11, 2019

Educators for Excellence Reacts to President Trump’s Budget Proposal

March 11 (New York) — Educators for Excellence, a teacher-led organization, was again dismayed that President Trump’s 2020 proposed budget cuts $8.5 billion in education spending.

“It’s incredibly frustrating to see our President attempt to slash funding for teacher development and underserved students year after year,” said Evan Stone, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Educators for Excellence. “Fearing this repeat plan, E4E teachers traveled from around the country to our Capitol and met with Secretary DeVos to defend these investments. Ignoring their expertise sends a message that educators don’t matter. We urge Congress to listen to those in the classroom and maintain this funding for our educators and kids.” 

Voices from the Classroom: A Survey of America’s Educators, released on August 1, 2018, found that teachers across the country support funding for our highest needs students and leadership opportunities:

A substantial majority of teachers believe inequitable school funding (84 percent) and resource distribution (81 percent) are problems in their states.A staggering 92 percent of teachers say they wish there were more opportunities to further their careers and professional skills while staying in the classroom.

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Educators for Excellence Reacts to President Trump’s Budget Proposal