June 5, 2019

Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles Reacts to the Defeat of Measure EE

June 5 (Los Angeles) — Educators for Excellence–Los Angeles (E4E-Los Angeles), a teacher-led organization, reacts to the outcome of the Measure EE special election, a local revenue measure that received 45.68% approval from Los Angeles voters, falling short of the two-thirds voter approval threshold.

“Schools run on more than just promises and rhetoric; they need human and physical resources to function as beacons of learning,” said Marisa Crabtree, an English and AVID teacher at Lincoln High School and member of E4E-Los Angeles. “Unfortunately, we did not secure enough votes to pass Measure EE, but my colleagues and I will continue to advocate for the needs of my students and my fellow educators because our school system is critically underfunded.”

“We are deeply disappointed with the results of yesterday’s special election,” said Ama Nyamekye, Executive Director of E4E-Los Angeles. “Measure EE provided an opportunity for Los Angeles voters to demonstrate an investment and commitment to our students and teachers. We will continue to work with district, union and community leaders to unite and collaborate around strategies to raise needed revenue for our district. E4E-Los Angeles will continue to uplift the voices of our members in their schools, district and union to ensure that more funds are generated for our highest-need students.”


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Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles Reacts to the Defeat of Measure EE