December 20, 2021

Statement from E4E-LA on the arrival of Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo

As an organization representing educators from the Los Angeles Unified School District, Educators for Excellence–Los Angeles is honored to welcome Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo to our city and excited to partner with him to begin to address some of the many systemic challenges that have been exacerbated in recent years. Our students have suffered as a result of both the pandemic and long-existing inequities in our system that will take investments of both time and resources to confront.

Recently, we reviewed ten years of data from conversations with educators across Los Angeles to identify 6 critical issue areas that drive our policy and advocacy work. They are:

Inclusive, antiracist, LGBTQIA+ affirming curriculum and teaching practices grounded in what works best for students.More money directed to schools in under-resourced communities.Full ownership for the social-emotional needs our students bring to school and the support to meet these needs.Antiquated compensation approaches to be changed to match the current demands of the teaching profession.New and more holistic ways of measuring our students’ learning and development that provide transparent and comparable data on district and school-level efforts to close opportunity gaps.Better preparation for all teachers that reflects the professional demands of teaching in the 21st century and increases diversity through multiple pathways into the teacher workforce.

Our members feel strongly that to make the impact our kids need and deserve, these six issues are our starting point. We look forward to meeting with Mr. Carvahlo in the first months of his term and coming up with a plan to move forward on addressing the problems affecting our kids the most.


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Statement from E4E-LA on the arrival of Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo