February 5, 2024

Candra McKenzie – 2024 Black History Month Educator Spotlight

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Name: Candra McKenzie  – 2024 Black History Month Educator Spotlight
Role:   Alternative Learning High School Language Arts Teacher
E4E Chapter: New York

Why is it important to support Black educators in the classroom? 

It is important to support Black Educators in the classroom since many feel they are unappreciated. The retention rate for Black teachers is low. Whatever can be done to make them feel valued will help more children of color be successful in schools.

How do you plan to celebrate Black History Month? (In your school, family traditions, self-exploration, and care, etc.) 

I plan to celebrate Black History month everyday in my classroom. I will recognize all the various Black people from all walks of life who have contributed to society in every way shape or form. I plan to attend the various free celebrations taking place in NYC. And lastly, by putting out new episodes of my educational podcast “HallPassBreak, spotlighting the various educators of color making a difference in schools.

What is your favorite quote from a Black figure in history?

Frederick Douglass “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free”  and “Without struggle there will be no progress”

Additional comments you would like to make around Black History Month?

By banning books and denying truths about people of color from all communities it only keeps a narrow lens of America. Everyone’s history should not just be celebrated in a month, but everyday of the year.

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Candra McKenzie – 2024 Black History Month Educator Spotlight