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Reimagine, Represent: Strengthening Education through Diversity

Increase Diversity in the Teaching Workforce Now!

Forty percent of public schools across our country do not have a single teacher of color on staff. Despite ample research that outcomes are improved for all students, especially for students of color, when they have a diverse set of well-prepared teachers in front of the classroom, four out of five teachers identify as white and 80% are female, while more than half of public school students are students of color.

Our students deserve better. It’s on us to ensure that every single student across our country is able to see themselves reflected in the teacher workforce, and that the barriers preventing teachers of color from entering and staying in the profession are dismantled.

Educators, leaders, and organizations across the nation are urging Congress to hold hearings to shine a spotlight on the alarming diversity gap between teachers and students.

Will you join us? Tell Congress to get serious about diversifying the teacher workforce by hearing from experts – including educators, students, academics, and state and district leaders – to learn more about the systemic racism and other forms of oppression that created and perpetuate this gap.

Spread the Word!

Use the graphics and sample social media posts below to educate your colleagues and friends on the lack of diversity in the teaching workforce and ask them to join you in taking action.

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What Educators Say

Educators across the country have been sharing powerful and compelling stories about what this lack of teacher diversity means for students, schools, and teachers.

E4E-Connecticut Member MacArthur Cheek

High school social studies teacher MacArthur Cheek is reminded daily that his decision to become a teacher was the right choice. In a school where 46% of the population are students of color, MacArthur is the only black teacher.

E4E-Chicago Member Cory Cain

For high school principal Cory Cain, an E4E-Chicago member, the appalling statistics showcasing the lack of diversity in education aren’t just a statistic, they were his reality.

E4E-Minnesota Ben MacKenzie

Ben MacKenzie, a ninth-grade speech and composition teacher in Minneapolis, gave a powerful testimony about the importance of teacher diversity and alternative pathways into the profession

E4E-Boston members Brian Gaines and Christina Pressley

Brian and Christina submitted testimonies for a Boston City Council hearing and highlighted the impact a lack of diversity has on their students.

E4E-New York member Yorel Greene

High School teacher Yorel Greene writes about how in order to address the lack of diversity in our schools, we must understand what diversity means.

E4E-Los Angeles member Tunji Abebayo

Tunji Abebayo, an educator, discusses how teachers, like himself, can positively influence the academic, as well as the life trajectory of students of color.

Speaking Truth to Power

We hosted a briefing at the United States Capitol for Members of Congress and their staff on the urgent need to close the diversity gap between teachers and students. E4E member educators, students, and policy experts shared powerful experiences of why Congress must take immediate action to increase diversity in the teaching workforce.

Panel 1: Improving Teacher Preparation & Placement

Paula White, Executive Director of E4E-NY

Lisa Quon, E4E-Los Angeles
Genelle Faulkner, E4E-Boston
Dr. Dawn Williams, Dean of Howard University School of Education

Panel 2: Recruiting Teacher Candidates From Underrepresented Backgrounds

Evan Stone, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of E4E

Mary Frances Clardy, E4E-Minnesota
Carlotta Pope, E4E-New York
Sharif El-Mekki, Director of the Center for Black Educator Development

Panel 3: Keeping Talented and Diverse Teachers in the Profession

Simone Hardeman-Jones, Director of Policy and Partnerships at E4E

Devin Evans, E4E-Chicago
Jasmine Byrd, E4E-New York
Roxanne Garza, Senior Policy Associate at New America

Call to Action: Urging Congress to Hold a Hearing on Teacher Diversity

Sasha Guzman, E4E-Los Angeles

We are working with educators, education leaders, and allied organizations to make a very clear and public statement that increasing diversity in our teaching workforce cannot wait. We must act now.

Read our shared Call to Action, see a growing list of supporters who have added their names to show solidarity and join the cause below.


  • Center for American Progress
  • The Center for Black Educator Development
  • Data Quality Campaign
  • Deans for Impact
  • The Education Trust
  • Education Reform Now
  • Educators for Excellence
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities

  • National Center for Teacher Residencies

  • National Council on Teacher Quality
  • National Urban League
  • New America, Education Policy Program
  • Students for Education Reform
  • Teach For America
  • Teach Plus
  • TNTP 
  • Urban Teachers

Check out the complete list of change agents and organizations calling for swift and bold action to diversify our teaching workforce here!

What the Research Says

Time and again research has shown the benefits of schools will a diverse, well-prepared faculty.

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