December 30, 2019

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

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10. Why Having a Teacher with Dreadlocks Matters

April 2019
In this post, high school social studies teacher MacArthur Cheek writes that “even though research has shown the benefits of being taught by high-quality teachers of color, far too many of our students go their entire K-12 experience without having a single teacher who shares their race.” Click here to read the post.

9. Chalk Talk: Aisha Pervaiz

August 2019
The August edition of Chalk Talk features an interview with Aisha Pervaiz, a middle school English Language Arts teacher. She explains how all teachers need a community like that to sustain their mental health. “Because, ultimately, the better we are for ourselves, the better we can be for our students.” Click here to read the post.

8. The Bulletin Board: Career Ladders for Educators

October 2019
In October, The Bulletin Board focused on career ladders for educators. We want more opportunities to grow in our careers while staying in our classrooms. But too often the only path for progress seems to be becoming an administrator or leaving education altogether. Click here to read the post.

7. A Letter to My Students on Why I’m Striking

January 2019
In this post, Phylis Hoffman, an E4E-Los Angeles member and second-grade teacher at Harry Bridges K-8 School, wrote a powerful letter to her students about why she enjoys being their teacher, how much she loves them, and explains how her decision to strike is for them. Click here to read the post.

6. Letter from Chicago Teachers: Prioritize Our Most Vulnerable Students

October 2019
In response to the Chicago teachers strike, a group of E4E-Chicago members published a letter in the Chicago Sun-Times calling out the need to prioritize our most vulnerable students in contract negotiations. Click here to read the post.

5. Chalk Talk: Dr. Laurie Walters

March 2019
After 27 years of teaching, Laurie Walters and three of her peers went out and started a school led by teachers. The March edition of Chalk Talk tells her story. Click here to read the post.

4. Chalk Talk: Tianitha Alston

April 2019
Had second-grade teacher Tianitha Alston never taught in a school with a strong union leader, she might never have realized the tremendous and powerful role unions can play in our education system. The April edition of Chalk Talk shares Tianitha’s experience of why getting involved in the union matters. Click here to read the post.

3. Chalk Talk: MacArthur Cheek

June 2019
High school social studies teacher MacArthur Cheek is reminded daily that his decision to become a teacher was the right choice. The June edition of Chalk Talk featured an interview with MacArthur and highlights the urgency in diversifying our teacher workforce. Click here to read the post.

2. Chalk Talk: Cory Cain

February 2019
Black students who have just one black teacher in elementary school are significantly more likely to graduate high school and attend college. For high school principal Cory Cain, an E4E-Chicago member, these numbers aren’t just a statistic, they were his reality. February’s edition of Chalk Talk features a powerful interview with Cory and his experience of why prioritizing teacher diversity matters. Click here to read the post.

1. Chalk Talk: Syeita Rhey-Fisher

September 2019
Syeita Rhey-Fisher (her friends call her “Sy”), a fourth-grade social studies teacher in Hartford, Connecticut knows the power of an amazing teacher. September’s edition of Chalk Talk tells her powerful story and highlights the impact one teacher can have in a student’s life. Click here to read the post.