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You Made Noise Now They’re Listening! Virtual Event

January 20th, 4:30PM EST 

Virtual Event – RSVP Below 

Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers and Paraprofessionals are coming together Thursday, Jan 20th from 4:30-6pm for another town hall event because they believe that they can’t survive another 3 years of the UNITY caucus’ leadership.

They instead want leadership that prioritizes the voices of educators so they will AT LEAST have:

  • A voice in the reopening of schools in this COVID era,
  • A voice in determining what is best to meet the social and emotional needs of our students during this pandemic and beyond; and
  • A voice in determining what is needed to ensure students are learning.  

What do you think about these issues? Let us know on Thursday as educators develop their plan to bring about actual change: not continued knee jerk reactions.