Theory of Change

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is grounded in two long-term goals that are inextricably linked: better outcomes for our students and the elevation of the quality and prestige of the teaching profession.

We drive change by:

All of our work is guided by our teacher-written Declaration, a set of values and principles that we believe are necessary to improve outcomes for students and elevate the teaching profession.

Our Impact

We work to change the education system from the inside to ensure that students graduate ready to fulfill their potential. Since the founding of Educators for Excellence in 2010:

  • A broad and diverse membership base of more than 30,000 educators have been organized and mobilized across the country
  • 800 Teacher Leaders have built skills in effectively elevating their voices, organizing colleagues, and advocating for education policies that meet their students’ needs and support their professional growth
  • More than 30 teacher-written policy papers have been published, on issues such as school climate, teacher evaluation, and school funding
  • Teachers have reached a larger audience through nearly 1,000 news stories, including teacher-written op-eds and letters to the editor, interviews with reporters, and press conferences
  • More than 1,100 teacher advocacy meetings and policy panel events have been held, providing teachers with access to key decision-makers, such as legislators and district officials
  • Educators have driven change in federal and state legislation, district policies, and union resolutions