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We Cannot Afford Inequity

Gross inequities continue in schools in our city, state and nation, and students of color and those living in poverty are being shortchanged. How?

Perhaps the most glaring and systemic inequity is that students living in poverty have limited access to experienced, effective and diverse teachers, even though research shows that teacher quality is one of the most important variables to student success.

We need to fight for policies to recruit and retain great teachers in our highest-needs schools. Through innovative thinking and a commitment to equity, we can change this dynamic.

What are we doing about it?

E4E is organizing and mobilizing a dynamic group of educators who want to change this. Educators will commit to a few simple actions that will make a huge difference in the education of a child.

What can you do?

Join us! Advocate! Use your voice to be a change agent that says, “not another child will be cheated out of a quality education on my watch.”            

Commit! Organize! Execute!

Attend campaign rallies to build issue- advocacy skills and determine action items, and report back on progress to goals. There will be inspiration from passionate educators, elected officials and stakeholders who are committed to making changes that will make education more equitable for all students.     

Key Dates

  • Organizing Meetings:    January    |   February    |    May 

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