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The market for teacher voice

Huffington Post contributing blogger Allie Kimmel surveys how teachers are working with their unions to promote change.

Breaking the Stalemate

Los Angeles teachers recommend a multi-measured teacher evaluation system that incorporates observations, student growth, and stakeholder input.

Reject the Status Quo to Solve Problems

Marc Ozburn of profiles both E4E and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution as organizations addressing big problems head-on instead of waiting for the status quo to change.

A New Way to Pay

New York City teachers recommend changes to the teacher compensation system through higher starting salaries, new career ladders, and bonuses for highly-rated teachers.

Principals Matter

Teachers from New York City make recommendations for improving principal evaluations with better indicators, rubrics, and structures for providing feedback.

Keeping Our Best Teachers

New York City teachers recommend using a multi-measure system focused on students , rather than a “last in, first out” policy as the sole factor in layoff decisions.

Beyond Satisfactory

New York City teachers lay out recommendations for structuring a fair evaluation system for teachers with a focus on student outcomes.

Shay Edmond - Boston Education Expert Conversations

Boston Education Expert Conversations Series 

E4E-Boston will engage in thought-provoking conversations with individuals in Massachusetts who are making an impact on education or have specific insight into education systems. These conversations will be  30 minutes and will be ...