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Run For the United Federation of Teachers (UFT)

New York is embarking on historical work to elect new, diverse teachers’ union leadership – inclusive of teachers, paraprofessionals and social workers – centered around a new vision that puts students and educators first in this COVID era. Education professional across the city are coming together, looking to take advantage of this opportunity that only happens once every three years.

We need your fresh perspectives and new energy to advocate for educators most pressing issues:

  • protecting teacher pensions
  • ensuring teachers’ and students’ safety during the pandemic
  • giving teachers a strong seat at the table with the new mayor, chancellor and DOE administration
  • a union that has more balanced representation of all education professions
  • creating a union ready to respond to the ever-changing realities of our education system.

Will you commit to joining us?

Fill out the interest form below and one of our members will reach out to you to discuss next steps.




School Support Staff

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