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Los Angeles Educators Demand Culturally Relevant, Antiracist Education

Cultural ResponsiveInclusive, antiracist, LGBTQIA+ affirming curriculum and teaching practices grounded in what works best for students.


Increasingly, LAUSD is prioritizing an education system that is culturally affirming, actively antiracist, and bias-aware. At the same time, there is a mounting public challenge to antiracist pedagogy, inclusive curriculum, and the accurate, culturally responsive teaching of history. Given the rich diversity of LAUSD, the district must accelerate its work to build a culturally relevant education system. Teachers in Los Angeles demand micro-credentials for antiracist instruction, high-quality professional development, and investments in culturally relevant curriculum.
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By Lovelyn Marquez-Prueher, LAUSD Teacher & Educators for Excellence Los Angeles Member

The Eastsider - April 11, 2022
When I first began teaching in 2003, culturally relevant teaching was something that only certain educators did, and it only applied to certain groups of students. Most of what we knew, especially as I taught students who primarily spoke languages other than English, centered on the immigrant story -- the struggles and challenges of coming to this country as a child from a non-English speaking country.

It was not until much later in my career that I began to notice a shift towards the idea that every child deserves to have their culture celebrated, explored, and incorporated into their education.

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Lyndsey Bonomolo is a special education instructional support teacher for preschool and elementary students at schools across Los Angeles Unified and a member of Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles.

Edusource - October 28, 2021 

We must better equip teachers for Black student success

With students across California returning to classrooms earlier this autumn, it’s become undeniable that the ongoing pandemic is exacerbating systemic issues that long pre-date Covid-19.

As in many similar districts, Black students in Los Angeles County schools face unique and serious equity barriers, and many teachers are not equipped to address the disparity in access to opportunities that are obvious in their own classes.

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Educators in Los Angeles recognize the need to work towards a culturally responsive and actively antiracist curriculum for students. Given the diversity of our city and the current public challenge towards antiracist pedagogy, inclusive curriculum, and the accurate, culturally responsive teaching of history, this issue cannot wait. Join us in demanding investments in antiracist instruction and culturally relevant curriculum.

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