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Livestream- 2022 Voices from the Classroom


In Educators for Excellence’s fifth annual Voices from the Classroom report — and first-ever oversample of BIPOC educators — three major themes arose: the Great Resignation’s impact on the teaching profession; what it will take to rebuild post-pandemic; and how the recent racial reckoning is affecting learning. What we learned is sobering — and, at the same time, we also heard inspiring, innovative ideas from teachers that should be heeded if we are to chart a course forward.

Agenda & Action Steps

Tell US Legislators: Dedicate $1 Billion to Addressing the Student Mental Health Crisis

US Teachers tell US Legislators to dedicate $1 Billion to addressing the student mental health crisis. Send an email to your legislators asking them to support President Biden’s request for $1 billion for school mental health support staff.

Tell US Legislators: Invest in Pathways to Keep our BIPOC Teachers in the Classroom

US Teachers tell US Legislators to invest in pathways to keep our BIPOC teachers in the classroom. It's time legislators start listening to teachers on the front lines. Send an email to your legislators asking them to support these initiatives.

Tell Your State Leadership to Stand Up Against Education Censorship

Politicians shouldn’t tell teachers how to teach. Teachers know what is best for their students. This is a fight being waged on the state level, so we need YOU to stand with educators across the country and pledge to stand up against ANY education censorship law that limits how diversity-based and culturally relevant content is included in the classroom.