NAEP LTE Event 11/9/22

, , CA

NAEP results are in – and everyone has something to say about it. Policy think tanks, education ‘experts,’ politicians and reporters alike are excited to interpret and extrapolate the data from this year’s results.
What’s missing from that commentary? Teacher voice. Let’s make sure educators get their voices in the LA Times.
This Thursday from 5-6pm E4E invites you to join Deputy Director of Campaigns Megan Bart and Jacob Rayburn, Director of Communications and Media, at an action event to write and submit LTEs, or letters to the editor, to LA’s newspapers. LTEs are the 2nd most read section of every newspaper, and a chance to provide direct commentary on articles recently published.
We will provide a training on how to write LTEs that are likely to get published, provide guidance on how to submit LTEs and create space to do some writing.