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Equity Requires Action

Teacher Action Teams are one of many ways in which E4E-Minnesota supports and engages educators. The Teacher Action Team process invites 10-15 educators to participate in a process of identification, research, and development of policy recommendations that excite and energize their peers. It leads to an issue-based advocacy campaign, conducted in partnership between chapter staff and teachers, to champion for policy change at the state, local, and union levels.

As the landscape of teaching and learning is dramatically changing, Educators for Excellence is a group that prioritizes solutions and successfully pushes for change. Now more than ever is the time to increase engagement in antiracist equity work that impacts students, and E4E-Minnesota’s 2,250+ members are ready to get to work. 

The topic for the Fall 2020 Minnesota Teacher Action Team is Equitable School Funding and Resources. To determine the topic, E4E-Minnesota surveyed educators, met one-on-one with teachers and other stakeholders, and held focus groups with diverse groups of teachers who work in districts and public charter schools. Hundreds of E4E members from across Minnesota were polled to identify the most important policy issues.

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