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Connecticut Legislative Priorities

As our schools decide how to spend their federal funds, they need assurance from the State that the programs they implement will be sustainable beyond when the federal dollars expire. We are working with legislators to fully fund education now, so our schools can utilize these funds effectively and create real and sustainable change.


Statewide: Fully fund education by the time the federal stimulus dollars run out

  • Continue providing support to educators and working with legislators to pass statute that will fully fund education
  • Ensure districts can plan accordingly without risk of fiscal cliff

District: Hold districts accountable for school spending and budgeting

  • Ensure districts are utilizing ARP funds in ways that will continue to best serve students for years to come, and ways to best support teachers and school staff


Additional Mental Health Support

We need to incorporate social-emotional learning into our everyday curriculum, and we must provide professional development and training to equip our teachers with the resources needed to manage trauma-related issues in the classroom. We are working with legislators to better support teachers’ mental health and increase the amount of mental health professionals in our schools. 


Statewide: Pass legislation to increase mental health support in schools

  • Current task forces on SEL and mental health deficiencies in schools will produce a report to be summer of 2022 and
  • Provide teacher testimony to the task force on impacts on students and teachers from lacking SEL/mental health support in schools
  • Leverage task force findings to present policy solutions during the 2023 legislative session
  • We need to prioritize SEL over exclusionary discipline

District: Increase mental health support in schools

  • Increase health care personnel in buildings to lower ratios and improve student outcomes
  • Hire more mental health professionals in district and encourage partnerships with community agencies to increase mental health support


Our schools are short staffed and our students are missing the individualized attention they need. We are working with legislators to eliminate barriers to becoming a teacher and make teaching an accessible career for anyone. 

Recommendations and Next Steps

Statewide: Introduce legislation for alternate pathways for teaching

  • Consider classroom hours, alternate certificate programs and residency programs to provide guidance to new teachers

District: Strengthen pipeline and residency programs

  • Utilize resources to strengthen and encourage grow your own programs and residency programs
  • Encourage students to become teachers in their own schools and increase opportunities