October 24, 2022

NAEP Scores Confirm Pandemic Learning Loss, Need for Teacher-Led Change in Connecticut

October 24 (Connecticut) – Today, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the first comprehensive look at student learning in districts and states across the country since 2019—an utterly different time in American public schooling. As anticipated based on smaller-scale analyses released since the beginning of the pandemic, the results are dire. 

Connecticut saw an overall decline in fourth- and eighth-grade mathematics and reading scores since 2019. Connecticut is lagging behind its peers in other Northeastern states. Fourth- and eighth-grade math proficiency scores are six and five points lower than Massachusetts, and fourth- and eighth-grade reading proficiency scores are two and seven points lower than New Jersey. These negative impacts are seen throughout the state, especially in our most marginalized communities. 

“These issues existed in our most underfunded districts since long before Covid-19, and the pandemic has only exacerbated many of these concerns for students throughout the state,” said Daniel Pearson, Executive Director of Educators for Excellence-Connecticut. “Connecticut continues to say we have the number three public schools in the country, but this does not accurately reflect the experiences of many of our students, particularly those coming from underfunded schools. Students and educators need adequate support to address these challenges in their classrooms, starting with equitable resources for each student in our state.”

Educators for Excellence-Connecticut amplifies teachers’ voices and calls on legislators to fund schools before the ESSER funds expire in 2024. Educators need support staff and the ability to be fully present with their students in the classroom. By fully funding schools in Connecticut, we can increase staffing, provide more individualized learning for students, and continue to carry out programs needed to improve education further. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought America’s public schools into crisis. Innovation, with teachers at the forefront, must bring them out.


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NAEP Scores Confirm Pandemic Learning Loss, Need for Teacher-Led Change in Connecticut