January 23, 2019

Educators for Excellence-New York Celebrates Passage of the Jose Peralta DREAM Act

January 23 (New York) — Educators for Excellence-New York (E4E-New York), a teacher-led organization, celebrates the passage of the Jose Peralta DREAM Act, which expands post-secondary scholarships to undocumented students in New York.

“My students are amazing people, whose families came to this country because they knew about the educational opportunities our public schools afford young people. Families come here to help their children achieve greatness,” said Colleen Castillo, a high school teacher at the Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science and member of E4E-New York. “Every day both teachers and students work hard in classrooms to explore new ideas and expand our minds. We are working to make their elder’s dreams become reality. No one’s documentation status is needed for that. My current and former students are excited that the New York Legislature is providing the leadership necessary to ensure that the opportunities afforded by New York public schools are available to everyone.”

“As educators, we commit to serving all children – no matter how they come to us. It is our job to give them a safe place to receive an excellent education,” said Paula L. White, Executive Director of E4E-New York. “The New York DREAM Act ensures that students are not denied a higher education because of a choice their parents made. What’s more, it means our city and state economies don’t lose out because these students cannot fully realize their talents with a college degree. Taking concrete steps to ensure that every resident has the chance to become a full, contributing member of society demonstrates the sort of leadership that will make New York a model for other states to follow.”  


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Educators for Excellence-New York Celebrates Passage of the Jose Peralta DREAM Act