January 22, 2020

Here's What Teachers Think About Training, Pay, Strikes, and Choice

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About a third of teachers would go on strike over pay, a new survey finds. Yet despite frustrations with the profession, more than 80 percent of teachers plan to spend their entire career in the classroom. 

These are some of the findings in a new survey by Educators for Excellence, a group that advocates for teacher leadership. Ten of the group's teacher members developed a questionnaire that took the temperature of teachers across the nation on issues ranging from compensation to preparation to union membership. 

The bulk of the survey was conducted online from Nov. 4 through 15, among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 public school teachers (both from charter schools and traditional public schools). Then, a supplemental survey to ask some additional questions was conducted online from Dec. 11 through 17, among a nationally representative sample of 500 public school teachers. An independent research firm administered the survey. 

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