March 12, 2019

If you build it they will come… and stay!

Read the entire op-ed by Gage Salicki on CT Viewpoints.

I began my teaching career in Hartford nearly three years ago, and for my entire tenure with Hartford Public Schools, I have chosen to live at home to save money for future financial endeavors, such as buying a home or paying to further my own education and advance my teaching career. After graduating from college, I was saddled with a modest student loan debt, which was matched by payments for necessities of life that my family, having been in poverty for my entire adolescence, had been unable to provide for me. As such, I had already begun my teaching career on the financial back foot, and in a district that was on a three-year pay freeze. I was encouraged to learn that our elected officials have raised a bill that will — if passed — offer incentives for teachers live in the communities in which they teach.

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