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Shay Edmond – Boston Education Expert Conversations

Boston Education Expert Conversations Series 

E4E-Boston will engage in thought-provoking conversations with individuals in Massachusetts who are making an impact on education or have specific insight into education systems. These conversations will be  30 minutes and will be livestreamed. Through our discussion we will illuminate what is already being done to address pressing issues in education policy, and what the participant believes still needs to happen to ensure an equitable and excellent education system in the Commonwealth. 

Episode 101 – Coversation with Shay Edmond

February 24, 2022 | 6PM EST

E4E-Boston State Director Lisa Lazare will sit down with Shay Edmond, Senior Associate Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Their conversation, which will be live streamed to E4E’s website, will focus on Commissioner Edmond’s work to improve educator diversity in the state, and what folks can do to advance this urgent cause.

Host: Lisa Lazare


Lisa Lazare is the State Director of Educators For Excellence-Boston. Lisa joins Educators for Excellence to continue positively impacting communities of color in education. As an immigrant and a woman of color, there have been many spaces where she felt her voice was either stifled or not allowed. As State Director, she grounds herself in listening to the needs of her community and always bears in mind that best intentions do not always have the intended impact.

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Guest: Shay Edmond


Shay Edmond is the Senior Associate Commissioner for the Center for Strategic Initiatives at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The center coordinates and partners with both internal and external stakeholders to identify, design, pilot, and elevate strategies that advance educational equity for Massachusetts students – particularly those traditionally or currently underserved. As senior associate commissioner, Shay is responsible for leading DESE’s diverse and culturally responsive Massachusetts educator workforce priority; diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices within DESE; and district level programs that promote equitable student access to opportunity and outcomes. Shay also provides programmatic and fiscal oversight of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) program and supports the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Racial Imbalance and Gifted and Talented Advisory Councils.