February 5, 2024

Antoine Taylor  – 2024 Black History Month Educator Spotlight

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Name: Antonie Taylor

Role: Teacher

Why is it important to support Black educators in the classroom?

It is important to support educators in the classroom so that they can succeed in the profession as well as provide quality education to all school children.


How do you plan to celebrate Black History Month? (In your school, family traditions, self-exploration, and care, etc.) 

I plan to celebrate black history month by honoring certain black Americans that have made a significant

contribution to our society like Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., and Stevie Wonder.

What is your favorite quote from a Black figure in history?

My favorite quote would be from MLK, “I have a dream that we would not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character.”

Additional comments you would like to make around Black History Month?

I plan to celebrate it with my students as well as my school.

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Antoine Taylor  – 2024 Black History Month Educator Spotlight