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Vote Yes on SB2610

Let Chicagoans decide what’s best for kids and the school board that serves them.

The transition to an Elected Representative School Board can bring a new era of democracy and representative decision-making to Chicago Public Schools. Yet, as the statute stands today, board members are prohibited from receiving compensation, creating a barrier to board service for the district’s most critical stakeholders – teachers and parents. Effective board governance requires that the diversity of Chicago’s school board should reflect the diversity of its student population, and permitting member compensation is essential to enabling this critical first step.

Sponsoring state Sen. Robert Martwick, a Democrat who represents parts of the city’s Northwest Side, said if “Chicago wants a diverse school board, it needs to remove barriers — like a lack of pay — that would prevent some residents from running for board seats.”

Why Compensate CPS Board Members?

Ensure a diverse & representative board

Board demographics should mirror the CPS student population: 82% identify as BIPOC, 73% come from low-income households.

Recognize the weight of responsibility and impact

Board members manage a $9 billion dollar annual budget, and their decisions impact the educational trajectory of 340,000 students

Increase accountability to the local community

Members elected by their neighbors are better positioned than solely those with personal wealth or special interest backing to make decisions.

Vote Yes – SB2610 – Chicago deserves the right to decide what’s best for its school board and the kids they serve.