Samantha Eilenberg

Regional Chief of Staff

Samantha grew up very close to her mother, a teacher and principal on Long Island, New York. From an early age, she recognized the significant amount of time and effort that her mother put into her career. This gave Samantha a deep appreciation for the impact that a single teacher could have on a community. In addition, throughout her education, Samantha found fantastic mentors, and now friends, in her teachers. These relationships have shaped her life in immeasurable ways.

It was her role as the program coordinator for the Bridging the Digital Divide Program (BDDP) at Binghamton University that solidified her passion for empowering others through education. In this role, she recruited and trained Binghamton University students to teach underprivileged community members about computer literacy. For Samantha, BDDP was life-changing. Not only did BDDP teach Binghamton University students about the power of their contributions, but it also changed the lives of local community members who were previously unable to participate in today’s technological society. This experience opened doors to conversations about inequities in  public education and what she could do to help underprivileged communities.

Samantha is excited to help the students and teachers of Boston, and is thrilled to be part of the E4E team.


121 E. Berkeley St., 2nd Floor

Boston, MA 02118