Ernest Bailey

Deputy Director, Campaigns

Born and raised in Connecticut, Ernest discovered his affinity for issue-based campaigns while protesting tuition hikes at Connecticut State Colleges in 2012. The following year he began his career in political advocacy at The Working Families Party, where he sharpened his persuasion skills and rose through the ranks of the Connecticut canvass.

Since then, Ernest has traveled all over the state and all over the country occupying various Organizing and leadership positions in various progressive advocacy organizations such as SEIU and The Progressive Turnout Project.

After managing PTP’s Pennsylvania program to a decisive victory in the 2020 presidential election, Ernest decided that the skills he had cultivated over the previous decade would be of best use in his home state where he could use his knowledge of the political landscape to help educators maximize their impact.

He looks forward to helping Teachers put their voice where it belongs, which is the center of the education policy discussion!


115 Boston Avenue
Unit 5133
Bridgeport, CT 06610