Tell US Legislators: Invest in innovation and scale what works

Our students, their needs, and the world they live and learn in have changed rapidly in the past few decades, and even in the past few pandemic-impacted years. 

However, teachers do not have the materials or structures they need to keep pace with this evolving environment. For example, only one-third of teachers have the curricular materials they need, that they have received training to effectively implement their materials, or that they have aligned formative assessments.

Recognizing the many variables that can impact student learning, alongside teachers’ many unmet needs, the federal government is well-positioned to play a role in funding innovation and research to identify and scale what works in this evolving environment. 

Teachers can’t be successful in the same outdated system they’ve worked in for decades. Take action now—send an email to your legislators asking them to support President Biden’s request for $405 million for the Education Innovation and Research Program, which provides funding to develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based innovations to improve student achievement for high-need students.