I Teach Love: A Summit on Compassion and Justice 2019

Wilder Center
451 Lexington Pkwy North, Saint Paul, MN 55104
About This Event: 

You are invited to a community event focused on igniting compassion and justice within yourself, your school, and your community. Bring a team of educators from your school to build relationships and gather tools to create and foster positive school climate.

E4E’s Summit, I Teach Love, is built around the belief that to do the work of both transformative teaching and making meaningful policy change we must be whole, self-aware and deeply connected.

I Teach Love will start with self care sessions for teachers and reflections on the relationships teachers build with their students.

The second part of the day will pivot towards our two campaign issues (equitable school funding and discipline disparity) with keynote speakers and workshops focused on the topics or how to bring them to your school.

The final part of the day will include sessions on skill-building advocacy and how to take an immediate action in support of advocacy campaigns.


Event Type: 
Summit / Convention / Panel