Los Angeles

Your Union, Your Voice

Voter turnout for United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) elections have been historically low – less than 15 percent of members have voted in some years. In Los Angeles, we know our unions were designed to be democratic institutions that ensure full representation of their diverse membership. Ultimately, what will make for a strong and representative teachers' union is its ability to meet the current and future needs of its members, who care deeply about the fate of our students, our schools, and our profession.

We invite you to think actively about your decisions during union elections and make your voice heard as a voter or as a candidate!

UTLA Structure

UTLA Structure

Elected Positions

Officers to be Elected

Duties of the UTLA President

UTLA Presidential Duties

How to Run for Office

How to Run

We hope that the same affinity for democracy, civic duty, and leadership that inspired so many of you to teach will also inspire you to seek office in future union elections.