January 2, 2013

Statement from Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director of Educators 4 Excellence-New York, on Governor Cuomo's Education Reform Commission's Recommendations

“The recommendations of the Governor's education reform commission recognize the value of excellent educators and the need to elevate the teaching profession to help all children succeed. Policies that meaningfully raise the bar on entry to the classroom and that provide teachers with career ladders and other opportunities for advancement are ones that Educators 4 Excellence members strongly support and have long advocated for. However, it's impossible to have a serious discussion about many of these recommendations until district and union leaders like those in New York City follow through on their commitment to implement a comprehensive teacher evaluation system that will finally give teachers the feedback and support they need. After all, we can't reward great teaching without being able to identify what makes teachers great. With a state-imposed January 17th deadline rapidly approaching and no deal in sight, we need to make sure the city and union know how important this issue is to teachers and their students.”