January 9, 2013

Statement from Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director of Educators 4 Excellence-New York, on Governor Cuomo's State Of The State Address

“We applaud Governor Cuomo’s continued focus on improving education in New York and his support for a meaningful teacher evaluation system. His embrace of the recommendations made by the education reform commission is another strong signal that the Governor values excellent educators and their role in helping all children succeed.

Educators 4 Excellence members have strongly supported and aggressively advocated for policies such as improving standards for teacher and principal preparation programs, refining professional development programs, and introducing meaningful career ladders - all of which provide teachers with the necessary training, feedback, and opportunities for growth.

Many of these recommendations, however, require that the union and the district work together to put in place a comprehensive evaluation system that provides teachers with fair and meaningful feedback that will allow them to develop into the best educators they can be. We hope that the district and union leaders across the state, and particularly in New York City who are negotiating these systems, heard the Governor loud and clear today and understand how important this issue is for the future success of our schools."