June 18, 2013

Statement from Ama Nyamekye, Executive Director of Educators 4 Excellence-Los Angeles, on School Board budget resolutions

June 18th, 2013--"Both Board Resolutions present an opportunity for LAUSD to build on its efforts to empower local schools and allow them to address their unique budget needs.  The district and union have indeed taken several decisive steps to make local school control a reality, and we encourage them to use these resolutions to further these efforts with clear district guidance and parameters. The last thing our schools need, however, is more top down micromanagement of school budgeting. 

Our members firmly believe that local school communities should decide what works best for students, especially as it pertains to class size, staffing and instruction. Last week, an E4E Teacher Policy Team launched a set of white papers featuring recommendations on strategies for attracting, retaining and expanding the influence of great teachers in our schools. The Local Control Funding Formula presents an opportunity for our schools to invest in such teacher-created strategies that empower educators and transform student outcomes.”