June 16, 2021

Educators for Excellence Reacts to the Department of Education Guidance on Title IX for Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Educators for Excellence, a teacher-led organization, today celebrated the guidance from the U.S. Department of Education that Title IX protections extend to gender identity and sexual orientation.  

“I applaud the news that Title IX protects the LGBTQ+ community—it’s important to me that my students’ experiences are affirmed regardless of how they identify,” said E4E-Minnesota member Lars Lindqvist, a 10th-grade English teacher in Minneapolis. “This year, state legislators across the country have worked to enshrine discrimination against transgender students into law, including in Minnesota. My students should be able to go to school or participate in sports without fear of institutional discrimination, and hopefully this guidance from Secretary Cardona ensures students like mine are supported regardless of which state the live in and how they identify.”  

“While this guidance is an important signal that the Department of Education believes that all students should be protected from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, it is essential that this Title IX guidance is followed, or if it isn’t, that the department takes enforcement action,” said Evan Stone Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Educators for Excellence. “Only 31% of educators across the country say that their schools are meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ students. This guidance from Secretary Cardona is a positive step, but we need to act boldly to ensure that students are provided the safe and welcoming learning environment they need to thrive. In order to truly protect and support students, the Senate should pass the Equality Act, which would codify these protections for LGBTQ+ students and teachers into law.”