August 30, 2018

Educators for Excellence-Minnesota Reacts to the Launch of the North Star Accountability System

August 30 (St. Paul) — Educators for Excellence-Minnesota (E4E-Minnesota), a teacher-led organization, welcomes the roll out of the state’s new accountability system under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The system — dubbed the North Star Accountability System — sets new benchmarks for schools and identifies schools that “need improvement.”
E4E-Minnesota is hopeful that the new accountability system will improve student outcomes by tracking student progress more comprehensively. Some of the changes under the North Star Accountability System include:

  • Schools in which one or more student groups are identified as “needing improvement” will receive targeted support.
  • Additional indicators will identify schools that need improvement, such as consistent attendance rates for students. Suspensions will be factored in to attendance rates.
  • English learners (EL) students’ academic growth will now be a main indicator in the the state’s accountability system.

“It is our hope that having better indicators to identify schools in need of improvement that focus on better serving student populations, such as English Learners and chronically absent students, will help educators better address the opportunity gaps in Minnesota,” said Madaline Edison, Executive Director of E4E-Minnesota. “But most importantly, the new benchmarks will finally require schools to meet the academic needs of all students, providing targeted supports for schools that are not serving one or more student groups. Going forward, it will be critical for schools identified as needing improvement to elevate the voices of students, families and teachers in the school improvement process.”