June 5, 2020

Educators for Excellence-Connecticut Congratulates the Hartford Teachers Together Slate on their Victory in the Hartford Federation of Teachers Union Election

June 5 (Hartford) — On Friday, June 5, Educators for Excellence-Connecticut reacted to the news that the Hartford Teachers Together slate had secured all leadership positions in the Hartford Federation of Teachers Union election. The Hartford Teachers Together platform prioritized being proactive about seeking teacher perspectives and retaining talented educators; crafting more equitable policies to better serve students; serving as more effective advocates with decision-makers; and improving transparency within the union.

“The incidents of the past few weeks have highlighted powerfully the need for understanding and a willingness to hear the voices of others. It was this platform on which Hartford Teachers Together slate and President-elect Carol Gale ran, and their message resounded,” said Andréa Comer, Executive Director for E4E-Connecticut. “We congratulate the Hartford Teachers Together slate, and as an organization that works to elevate teacher voices and ensure improved outcomes for all students, we look forward to working with the slate to achieve this goal in Hartford. We appreciate the efforts of the previous Hartford Federation of Teachers leadership, and hope this is an opportunity for all teachers to come together to drive what’s best for teachers and students.”