July 18, 2019

Educators for Excellence-Connecticut Congratulates Dr. Miguel Cardona on his Appointment as Connecticut's Education Commissioner

July 18 (New Haven) — Educators for Excellence-Connecticut (E4E-Connecticut), a teacher-led organization, congratulates Meriden Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Miguel Cardona, on his appointment as the state’s new education commissioner.

“Our state needs an education commissioner dedicated to providing our students with a quality education and our teachers with the tools and resources we need to do our job successfully,” said Syeita Rhey-Fisher, a fourth-grade teacher at Achievement First in Hartford and E4E-Connecticut member. “We made important progress this past year when our elected officials came together to pass legislation to improve teacher diversity in our state. I hope Dr. Cardona will work alongside legislators and teachers to ensure this law is implemented with fidelity.”

“E4E-Connecticut congratulates Dr. Cardona on his selection as the state’s education commissioner,” said Andréa Comer, Executive Director of E4E-Connecticut. “This position is critical to ensuring that our teachers are supported, and that all Connecticut’s children have access to an educational experience that positions them for success. We are an organization committed to uplifting teacher voices and our teachers are excited that one of our own, with a proven record of educator-driven school improvement, will hold this crucial position and build on the great work Commissioner Wentzell accomplished during her tenure.”

The General Assembly still needs to confirm Cardona's nomination.