August 19, 2021

Educators for Excellence-Connecticut Congratulates Charlene M. Russell-Tucker on Her Appointment as Connecticut Education Commissioner

Educators for Excellence-Connecticut (E4E-Connecticut), a teacher-led organization, congratulates Charlene M. Russell-Tucker on her appointment as the state’s new education commissioner.

“As we return to the classroom for another year of unknowns, Connecticut needs an education commissioner who advocates for our students and for their safety and success within the classroom,” said E4E-CT member Shakira Perez, an educator in Hartford. “In-person learning is a top priority for teachers this school year, and Ms. Russell-Tucker demonstrated her dedication throughout the past year as she advocated for classroom learning and provided guidance at every turn to make the school year as seamless as possible.”

“E4E-Connecticut congratulates Ms. Russell-Tucker on her selection as the state’s education commissioner,” said Daniel Pearson, State Director of E4E-CT. “This position is essential to the success of our students and teachers, providing support, resources and guidance for our educators. Through her work as interim commissioner over the past year, we are confident that Ms. Russell-Tucker will continue to include teachers in the decisions that impact their classrooms, and build upon the great work Secretary. Cardona accomplished during his tenure.”