December 3, 2014

Educators 4 Excellence statement on National Council on Teacher Quality report on teacher salaries

New Report Highlights Disparities in Lifetime Earnings Among Teachers Nationwide


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December 3, 2014 (New York) —Educators 4 Excellence, a teacher-led organization that seeks to elevate the voices of teachers in policy discussions, reacted today to the National Council on Teacher Quality’s new report on teacher pay. The report ranked lifetime pay, adjusted for cost of living, of teachers across the country, and found many large districts near the bottom.

"Teachers decide to teach because of their love of teaching and desire to serve students, not to get rich, but this report makes clear that many teachers are barely making ends meet. At a time when everyone in education agrees that attracting and retaining high-quality teachers is the key to our students' long-term success, we must start treating educators as the professionals they are. This begins with paying them a professional salary, and then designing compensation systems that recognize and reward excellence so that our best educators can make a career in the classroom,” said Evan Stone, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of E4E. “E4E commends NCTQ for shining a light on the salary disparities across districts, and for raising issues which we’ve heard from members of our Teacher Policy Teams across the country. We hope schools, districts and states will challenge themselves to revisit existing pay structures and find better ways to invest in attracting and keeping top teaching talent in the classroom."


For far too long, education policy has been created without a critical voice at the table – the voice of classroom teachers.

Educators 4 Excellence (E4E), a teacher-led organization, is changing this dynamic by placing the voices of teachers at the forefront of the conversations that shape our classrooms and careers. E4E has a quickly growing national network of educators united by our Declaration of Teachers’ Principles and beliefs. E4E members can learn about education policy and research, network with like-minded peers and policymakers and take action by advocating for teacher-created policies that lift student achievement and the teaching profession.

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