January 2, 2013

With deadline for evaluation system rapidly approaching, classroom teachers launch testimonial campaign to get a deal done

E4E-NY Teachers Set 2013 New Years Resolutions, Making the Case for a Fair Evaluation System to Accomplish Their Goals


January 2, 2013 (New York, NY) – With just two weeks remaining before a mandatory deadline for a teacher evaluation deal, Educators 4 Excellence classroom teachers have launched a 2013 New Year’s Resolution video campaign focused on why a comprehensive evaluation system is sorely needed in New York City.

“Excellent teachers know that to be exceptional you need to set goals, map out the steps to get there, and track your progress throughout, constantly looking for ways to improve,” said Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director of Educators for Excellence – New York. “Our teachers are prepared to make 2013 a great year for New York City students, but they need a meaningful, multi-measured evaluation system to accomplish their goals.”

The first in a series of New Year’s resolution videos were released today featuring New York City classroom teachers Kate Schuster, Kelly Roche and Olinka Crusoe. Their videos can be found here: KateKelly, andOlinka.

Like all outstanding teachers, Kate Schuster, an Elementary ESL Teacher in Harlem, wants to tap the full potential of her students in 2013. However, in order to truly achieve that goal Ms. Shuster requires a comprehensive teacher evaluation system that will give her the feedback necessary to better connect with her student’s needs. Ms. Schuster and her students can’t afford to lose nearly $300 million in funding for New York City’s schools, so she is taking the initiative and calling on the UFT and DOE to come to a deal on evaluation before the impending deadline.

Ms. Roche, a middle and high school math teacher in the Bronx, discusses the many successes she had with her students in 2012, as well as the challenge of taking on a class of 8th graders for the first time in her career. For 2013, Ms. Roche resolved to be much more proactive in garnering feedback from both her administrators and peers, with hopes that all teachers will get that feedback through a citywide evaluation system.

As a third-year teacher, Ms. Crusoe’s resolution is straight forward – to get everyone involved in the process of educating and learning. The current system does not provide Ms. Crusoe with a dialogue for feedback from peers and administrators that can be applied to her classroom, something essential for a new teacher.

Through the January 17th deadline, E4E-NY classroom teachers will continue to film testimonials on the importance of a meaningful evaluation system and how it will help them achieve their instructional goals for 2013.



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