May 25, 2016

Those who can, teach: Why I'm thankful this Teacher Appreciation Month

Original article on Huffington Post by Ama Nyamekye.

When I was a teacher, I bristled at the age-old adage that said: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” I knew that my colleagues and I weren’t merely the passive implementers of scripted curriculum or state and district policy reforms. In fact, all too often, we were designing and testing new programs in our schools and doing so with little support or resources. All too often, we teachers were swimming against a powerful tide — the status quo — that drowned out the needs of our students or our ideas.

On May 3, our nation celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day. However, at Educators 4 Excellence, a teacher-led nonprofit organization, we spend every day — and particularly the entire month of May — celebrating and thanking teachers for being the mighty and fearless “doers” of public education. In California and across the country, teachers are innovating, leading and advocating on behalf of students and their profession.

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