June 1, 2018

Teachers Value Their Unions, Survey Shows. But Is That Enough for Them to Keep Paying?

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Teachers who do not belong to their unions see value in the organizations, but still say they would opt out of paying mandatory fees if given the choice, a new survey says.

Yet the survey also shows that most teachers don't know about the impending Supreme Court decision that could remove the mandate for those fees.

The survey was done by Educators 4 Excellence, an advocacy group for teachers that has often clashed with teachers' unions. E4E is releasing the full results of its survey in August, but put out the results on the unions in advance of the Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 31 Supreme Court decision, which is expected in the coming weeks. At stake in the case are the so-called "agency" or "fair-share" fees that public-employee unions in 22 states charge to workers who choose not to join but are still represented in collective bargaining. The justices are widely expected to rule against the unions.

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