September 14, 2020

Teachers at high risk for coronavirus still don’t know whether they’ll be allowed to work remotely

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The week before school starts is usually a joyous, if frantic, time of year for Boston teacher Katie Caster, but these days she mostly just feels scared.

As someone with diabetes and a compromised immune system, the middle school science teacher is worried she may have to leave teaching to protect her health — since she is at such high risk for severe complications from COVID-19. Caster, 37, who has taught for 14 years, is still waiting to learn if her request to teach remotely has been granted.

“I really don’t know how the chips are going to land,” said Caster, who teaches at the Perry K-8 School in South Boston. “In some districts, teachers have been granted accommodations, and there are other districts where teachers have not, with similar diagnoses.”

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